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Show Up, Do the Work, Get Better

Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Just hit snooze and go back to sleep." 

That's what I told myself at 5:15 this morning when my cell phone alarm started dinging on the table next to my bed. 

I continued to whine to myself as I lay there debating.
"I don't even like the WOD today. I hate rope climbs. And I'm not real good at HSPUs."
Honestly, I was so close to not going. So close to burying myself under the covers for another hour until I would have to get up for work. 
But then my thoughts started to shift.
"You won't get better at rope climbs and HSPUs laying in bed." "You won't get stronger legs trying to steal a little extra sleep." "Henry and Jeff will be there, you like them and you encourage each other." "Don't cherry pick workouts. Like it or not, do the work." "Just....get.....up."
I got up and stumbled downstairs. I made a mug Cameron's Vanilla Hazelnut coffee and drove off towards Crossfit Skopos in t…
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Notes from Ben Bergeron's book Chasing Excellence

Ben Bergeron is a New England Crossfit affiliate owner (CrossFit New England). Bergeron is most well known for coaching both the male and female 2016 CrossFit Games champions. Chasing Excellence is Ben's detailing of his mental strategy and training methods, along with the attitudes and attributes of both Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir, which lead to their success in the 2016 games. The book follows the flow of the Games events, and interweaves those experiences with the character traits Ben believes most contribute to people becoming champions.

At our best, mental toughness can fill the gaps that our talent and our practice have left open.

The only thing that works is pounding your craft, day in and day out, doing the right things over and over and over again.

Committing to a process requires a unique set of character traits - things like grit, resilience, accountability, confidence, optimism, perseverance and passion.

[Mat and Katrin] share a set of attitudes and attributes …

"The Man, the Ram, and the Lamb" (Genesis 21-22) - Quarry Church - September 03, 2017

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Pragmatists and Puritans

Came across this during some study time today...

From John Piper sermon United with Christ in Death and Life, Part 1...
We Americans are pragmatists to the max. We want results. And we want them yesterday. We want them simply. We want them without too much pondering and too much pain. And in the church, we have developed all kinds of Christ-coated remedies that are shallow and short-lived. We are not, by and large, the deeply grounded saints that some of our forefathers were.  J. I. Packer compares the old English Puritans who lived and suffered from 1550 to 1700 with the Redwoods of California. They were giants whose roots were incredibly deep in the Bible, and whose branches reached to the heavens, and whose trunks were so strong and durable they could endure forest fires that scar them but don't kill them. But then Packer looks out over the pragmatic American landscape of our quick fixes for life's problems and our impatience with depth and complexity and pain, and says, &qu…

How Stephanie and I Celebrated 15 Years of Marriage

Yesterday Stephanie and I celebrated 15 years of marriage! 
To kick off the festivities, on Wednesday afternoon Stephanie bought a new car from Harry Browns in Faribault. She said good goodbye to the minivan and bought a 2014 Dodge Journey. She picked out a great new vehicle and her dad Ralph channeled his inner New Yorker to haggle us a great price.
We started the day Thursday driving to St. Peter to pick up Isabelle from the "Gustie" Basketball and Leadership camp. She spent 4 days there learning, practicing and having a blast. We celebrated together as a family with some Godfather's Pizza!
After getting back to Northfield I dropped the kids off at some friend's houses so Stephanie and I could be alone together. Having great friends who help with the kids is such a blessing. 
Stephanie had the idea that we should get tattoos together. She didn't have to work hard to convince me! After asking for recommendations on Facebook we decided to check out  Guns and Nee…