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Busting CrossFit Myths - Myth #3 CrossFit is Too Expensive

One of the biggest things that held me back from joining CrossFit was the cost. I had heard it was expensive, and like most people I don’t have a ton of disposable income. Managing a busy family with kids 13, 12 and 10 doesn’t leave much for Dad to spend on himself each month.
When I checked out the membership cost at CrossFit Skopos my first thought was that people were right. CrossFit is expensive. There were multiple membership options, but even the cheapest one was $100 a month. In my mind I compared that to the $75 family membership I already had a the local YMCA. At the time I couldn’t spend the additional money.
However, the draw to try CrossFit wouldn’t go away and ultimately I chose to “treat” myself using some extra money I brought in after the Christmas holiday. I decided to try the six month membership option which I felt gave me the most value without too great of a commitment. I wanted to have enough skin in the game to stay motivated, without over burdening myself financ…
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Busting CrossFit Myths: Myth #2 - CrossFit is Just for the Super Fit

My first exposure to CrossFit was the Netflix documentary “Fittest on Earth: The Story of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games.” (watch the trailer here) I watched the documentary multiple times and quickly became a fan of athletes like Mat Fraser, Ben Smith, Katrin Davidsdottir and Annie Thorisdottir. Watching these athletes pushing themselves to the max on a variety of exercises that were completely new to me was inspiring and attractive.
It was around the same time I heard that a CrossFit "box" (The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit Lingo) was being opened a few miles from my house. I knew I had to give it a shot myself. It took about a year to actually make it happen, but since joining CrossFit Skopos in February 2017 I have been absolutely loving it.
The second myth I want to bust about CrossFit is that it is only for athletes who are super fit or who want to be super swole.
I understand where this myth comes from. People hear about CrossFit workouts that include biking, rowing, sprint…

Busting CrossFit Myths: Myth #1 - CrossFit is Dangerous

“CrossFit is dangerous.”

“You’re going to get hurt.”
These are some of the warnings people gave me when I told them I was going to start doing CrossFit.
While the idea that CrossFit is dangerous and the cause of injury is ubiquitous in the fitness industry, it is not an accurate portrayal of reality. In fact, CrossFit corporate just won a major lawsuit against this false notion and the people that spread it.
Do people get injured doing CrossFit? Yes.
Is CrossFit dangerous? No.
The fact is, every activity in life carries with it the risk of physical injury. I could slip walking down my steps, I could twist my back playing catch with a football, I could stab myself in the tongue eating with fork. There is always some risk of injury in everything we do, but I don’t consider stair walking, playing catch or eating with a fork dangerous.
So why does CrossFit have a bad reputation?
To start with, I think many people misunderstand what CrossFit is and what the goals of the program are. People hear a…

There is Always a Choice

This weekend Andrew played in his first traveling baseball tournament. The tournament was held in River Falls, WI and Andrew's 10U AA team won the championship. Overall they were 4-0-1 in the tournament. It was an exciting weekend watching the boys play. A few of the games were very close and a few were blow-outs. The championship game was a rematch against River Falls, the team the boys tied in their first game 3-3. This time the score was 6-6 after 6 innings. Northfield won after scoring in the top of the 7th inning and then shutting down River Falls 1, 2, 3.

I have been looking to this weekend for years. Yeah that's right...YEARS! Almost everything went exactly as I envisioned it would with one notable exception. Right now I'm a parent and not a coach. Well, at least not officially a coach. I can't help myself watching the game and pointing things out to the poor parents sitting around me.

It was always my dream to be in the dugout with this group of boys. I've…

50 Things Every Guy Should Own

List taken from: Lew Rockwell 1. Land – I don’t care if it’s a quarter acre lot in some remote place. Get some. Nothing says ‘Merica like owning a chunk of earth. 2. A truck – Haul stuff. It’s what guys do. Diesels are the best but get what you can afford. Jalopys are ok too. Nothing like learning the fundamentals of mechanics. Don’t forget the saying “a good friend will help you move, a really good friend will tell you NO.” 3. Grill – Unless you build your own, just get a classic charcoal Weber. Nothing is better than this, trust me. Don’t be the dope that spends $700 on the egg. You could be spending that money on meat. Or, if you’re a vegetarian you could spend that money on sweet corn (grills nice) and tampons. Either way, just get the Weber. 4. Flashlight – What!!!!! I just saw a flashlight for $488! Are you kidding me? Look guys, think about how often you’re gonna use this thing….if you’re a night owl, I could see stepping it up some, but for my money I would just get the three bat…

Cedarbrook Church Ignite Winter Retreat Round-Up

This weekend I had the opportunity to speak for the Cedarbrook Church student winter retreat. The topic of the weekend was "Weird Like Jesus." We looked in the Bible at how following Jesus with all our hearts may make us look weird in the eyes of the world, but how important it is to value God's opinion of us over people's. Specifically we looked at the areas of sex, material possessions and the purpose of life.

One highlight of the trip was spending the weekend with my friend Kyle. He and I have been friends for over twenty years. Kyle has been a pastor at Cedarbrook Church for six years and it is awesome to watch him interact with the leaders and students on this trip. Ignite, the youth ministry here, is strong and growing thanks to God's grace and the leadership Kyle has shown. Everyone says that it is obvious why Kyle and I get along so well, we're a lot alike. I am grateful to have a friend like him, and to have a chance to use my gifts serving Jesus an…