Saturday, September 10, 2005

only God! - Quarry Family Fest

I am tired. Actually exhausted. It is only 5 pm on Saturday and all I want to do is sit on the couch.

Today was the "Quarry Family Fest." Yesterday my wife and kids and I walked around our neighborhood for 2 hours handing out a hundred door hangers, (6 other Quarry families did the same thing in their neighborhoods) and today I spent 2 hours in a dunk tank, along with many more hours coordinating all the festivities of our park party. But being tired is all worth it when the revolution happens!

Our Family Fest went almost as well as we could have hoped. The weather rocked. Praise God. The Youth Ministry team sold food and told me at the end of the day that they had sold over 400 hotdogs! That is awesome. Also, I know that I saw many more faces I didn't recognize, then those that I did. We had a great response from people who were interested in our church and expressed the desire to come and check us out on Sunday (it doesn't hurt that we're giving an Ipod away...).

Doing ministry is so fun, especially when you experience a win like we did today. So many people played big roles in pulling today off and I want to thank you all by saying "Way to Go!" Special thank yous and props to Brandt, Steph, John, Mesha, Michael, Jesse, Andrea, Dave, Chris, Jason, Peter, Kenny, Sara, Mandy, Kim, Uncle Pete (the petting zoo guy) and Montreal (the band guys). I love serving the Kingdom of God and I love doing it with like minded brothers and sisters.

We'll see what happens tomorrow as we launch 'Fath Worth the Wager.' How fun is it to be used by God? And how lucky are we to be used by him? I walked away from the park thinking about something Bill Hybels recently wrote in an email - 'only God.' Amen.

By the way, congrats to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. 2-0. Nice start! (I am getting sucked in as a fan - why???)

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