Thursday, September 08, 2005

poker chips at church?

Once again I have to say that Quarry Church is one of the coolest churches I know of. For our upcoming fall kickoff we are doing a series called Faith Worth the Wager. The goal is to capitalize on the Texas Hold 'Em craze and make our services an easy invite for the people in our community. We are doing messages titled:

1. Playing the Hand You're Dealt
2. Is God Bluffing?
3. Living an 'All In' Life

As part of the series promotion we are handing out poker chips in the community with our church logo, name and web address on them, as well as the series title. Check them out (sorry the image is kind of blurry):

It is great to be part of a church that is not afraid to take some risks for the sake of reaching lost people and being a part of bringing God's kingdom to Monticello. Way to go Quarry.
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