pigs in a blanket?

Quarrier of the Week

update on the Quarry podcast

to gain life may mean losing it

rant about bad customer service

aloha, means hello and goodbye

christmas lights gone wild

i am thankful for...

Quarrier of the Week

the death of corkscrews

TiVo + Video iPod = better sermon illustrations!


loving God and loving others

help me get to hawaii please!

sweet - I am not a nerd

the theology of john mayer

Quarrier of the Week: Chris Good

you need to see the David Crowder Band

what a cute little mooch

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i am a butterfly

free Wordpress blog

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love for my country, love for my God

its between the ears that steers

Quarrier of the Week: Erin Corniea

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digital discipleship at the Quarry

overheard in my house today: 'I live with the grinch'

i am exhausted

we all need community

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bethel seminary experience

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high tech or high touch