listening to others well

re-framing negative emotions in our minds

what I'm thinking about at 1:15 am

minnesotians love their coffee

creatures of habit never change

laundry is fun

is that sidney crosby?

a SportsCenter reminder

an eight-dollar bed

positive fear as it relates to faith

relationally mature conversations

the power of fear

Quarrier of the Week

its all about how you frame your invites

the daily cell

the heartfelt prayer of a 2 year old

the kill of anticipation

the thrill of anticipation

250th post

Quarrier of the Week

traditional service? yeah right!

living a life that calls others to respond

wearing turtlenecks in summer

what? no church on Christmas Day?

what color should your blog be?

looking into the spiritual mirror

Quarry Narnia movie trailer

church virgins and church divorcess

help for the homeless and displaced


what is true religion

dream, dream dream dream, dream

world AIDS day

true beauty