Left Behind video game should be left out of stores

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and the name is...

say what?

some action I missed


moving along slowly and deliberately

nothing to say yet

admitted and resting

is this it?

visit me at the MN state fair

thank you David Russell and NCC

from the wide world of sports

pray for rain because I'm done watering

fun with the Boz and the family

file this one under: are you freaking kidding me

Top Ten books on Personal Piety

finally I am it

it keeps on going...and going...and going

so long nukies

10 Easy Steps to Destroying Your Denomination

simple pleasures

announcement pt. 3

Chesterton on the subject of joy

the father of Willow Creek

hunting for tiger

announcement pt. 2

get your sail in the air

can't miss sports weekend


books, books, I love books

want to play Bible trivia

insider language pt. 2

insider language

first impressions matter

Charles Spurgeon

developing leaders need to be tested

people from every tongue, tribe and nation

dealing with the critiques

brenton the builder

blanket making ministry

i won again

only because I love her that much

woman gives birth alone in a crashed car

sports terrorism or athlete liberation

a much needed Sabbath

C.J. Mahaney

Mark Driscoll on church innovation

the discipline of God is real and it is an act of love

hey Ed - where'd that idea come from anyway?

good grief: 10 stages of grief

praising God for denial day

CMS Heart and Soul

Jesus didn't have sex with his secretary

C.T. Studd

there's an easier way to track new blog posts

what worship music are you singing

conviction fuels passionate behavior and success

19 Tips for Writing a Book

the spread of information in the blog-o-sphere


fun with names day

what the heck is hell

Greg Boyd and the Myth of a Christian Nation

the papacy of celebrity

soul gardening

heat wave

loving like Jesus