announcement pt. 3

All the appropriate people have been spoken to and so its time to reveal my announcement to the rest of you...

I got a new full time job! I will be the General Manager of an A&W restaurant in Coon Rapids starting next Tuesday.

The way that everything has worked on is awesome. Stephanie and I can feel God's hands all over this new venture in our lives. For the last two months I have been working three part time jobs to keep food on the table. Now I will only have to work one. I have also spent almost an hour and a half in the car each day. Now that time will be cut in half.

We have been praying for quite awhile that God would open a door for us as we transition into a new phase of life. He has been faithful. We are both confident that God is using this time to build into us and repair some things that were damaged. We also feel assured that I will one day return to full time pastoral ministry. I know that I am called to preach but for now I am grateful that God is good and he is taking care of us.