brenton the builder

So I'm really not a very handy guy around the house but I think that I'm getting better. Recently I have painted a bedroom, sanded, primed and painted a dresser, put heat resistant spray paint on an outdoor fireplace cover, and replaced a couple lights bulbs. But none of the aobve prepared me for my task tonight.

We have not had satellite TV for the last week
. This is because the army of men who came and reshingled our townhouse (in a day, btw) didn't put the thing back in the right spot. So tonight (@ 10:25 pm) I decided to fix it, feeling like my wife deserved the chance to watch TV with our kids. I knew that without Barney at 10:30am and Sesame Street at 5pm she would probably go insane.

At first I tried the simple solution of just calling our satellite provider. Well, 45 minutes and 1 million pre-recorded prompts later I knew a whole lot about manual restarts, coax cables, and switch checks but the problem still remained. So I called back and talked with a good guy named Darryl. This dude told me the specific angles that the dish needed to be set at in order ot recieve a signal. The catch was that it would be $50 to have a technitian come out and fix it.

Not having an extra 50 spot in the wallet I went into the garage and pulled out the oldest, most unsafe, wobbly wooden ladder you could think of. I set it up and climbed up with a flashlight in one hand and a channel lock in the other. I had Stephanie inside with her cell phone (I also had the house phone with me on speaker) telling me if the reception was getting better or worse.

I am proud to say that after some loosening and tweaking and tightening I was able to get the satellite back up and running without hurting myself in the process.

Dang it feels good to be a man