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file this one under: are you freaking kidding me

Fox news reported a story today about a high school teacher in New York who will be coming back to school this fall dressed and addressed as a woman. The man has apparently been diagnosed with a transsexual disorder - which means he is legally disabled and therefore cannot be discriminated against or fired. He is, however, able to continue influencing and shaping the amiable minds of young people. Oh how Satan must be laughing at this one.

Listen to how deceived and ridiculous the District Superintendent is. He said, "The kids are my biggest concern right now. I want to make sure that we truly address the needs of our students." What? How about addressing their needs by not having a freak teaching in the classroom? That sounds good to me.

Superintendent Richard Stutzman went on to say Thursday that he hoped the discussions, to be followed by a meeting open to the public, would keep the issue from becoming a distraction in the classroom or at school functions. Yeah right... like having to learn about biology or math from Ms. Whatever, who last year was Mr. Whatever, isn't going to be a distraction. This Superintendent is as crazy as the teacher.

I wonder how the creator God feels about this. He creates this guy to be a man and now the guy turns around and says, "You know what God, screw you, I'd rather be a girl. You can have you body parts back I'm getting different ones!"

And don't tell me that this guy is just confused or suffers from a disorder because people with disorders shouldn't be mkaing these kinds of major medical decisions. If the former dude is sane enough to make the decision and have a doctor perform the surgery than he is sane enough to stand before God and explain why he thinks he knows better than God what is good for him.

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