good grief: 10 stages of grief

I just finished reading a little pamphlet entitled Good Grief. Its a very short work that can be read in less than an hour. In the pamphlet the author outlines 10 stages of grief. His goal is to help people identify the different stages of grief, both within themselves and in the lives of others, and then to understand that going through these stages is normal and ok. He never goes deep into the stages of guilt, leaving instead a very bare bones outline. So, while not very complex, it is something that all pastors should at least in their office as a quick reference tool.

The 10 Stages of Grief

1. State of Shock
2. Expression of Emotion
3. Feeling Depressed and Very Lonely
4. Physical Symptoms of Distress
5. Becoming Panicky
6. Feeling a Sense of Guilt about the Loss
7. Anger and Resentment
8. Resisting Returning to Real Life
9. Hope Gradually Coming Through
10. Struggling to Affirm Reality

I thank God that I have been spared the pain of very much suffering and grief thus far in my life. This pamphlet helped me to understand others more, and I hope that I will reference it again as I am called to shepherd people who are hurting and grieving in my future church.