insider language

Here's a note I wrote for another person in my office this morning:

Chr* Man* not coming, still getting info though
I STERM'd her and V'd her SEMINQ and put an N in H &M
Is this ok?

Looking at the note made me think about 'insider' language. I wondered, "How often do churches use insider language that makes me people feel excluded or confused? What barriers do our words create? What about the people who want to learn a new language? What deep concepts and truths get lost in the dumbing down of language? What is the balance?"

The same kind of thinking can be applied to business as well. My wife is a Tupperware consultant (check that, she is a manager). I am always talking to her and telling her to be careful about using 'insider Tupper-language' with potential buyers, party hosts and recruits. We have to remember that if people don't do what we do, they won't know what we know or speak what we speak. This means we have to be crystal clear with people and bring them along until they are at a place where they can function in the language on their own.