the spread of information in the blog-o-sphere

Its funny how things spread around the blog-o-sphere. I just saw a post on the Church Relevance blog that was highlighting some statistics I blogged on a couple weeks ago. Church Relevance credited Transition Pete as the source of the stats. Pete took the stats off my blog, and I took the stats off a website that was featured on the Reston Baby blog.

*Jim at Church Tech Matters just picked up on the church safety theme. Way to go Jim!

Its also interesting how the same information changes meaning and focus as it traverses from blog to blog. Ainsley (on RestonBaby) was talking about a website that helps you identify if there are sexual offenders living in your neighborhood. From that site, I used the stats to talk about thedevastatingg affects of porn in our world. Pete mainly mirrored my post (though he added a great summary sentence which I copied for you below), and now Church Relevance is using those same stats as a platform for discussing the importance of good church security. Cool.

It is actually pretty cool when important information like this is transferred. Maybe the information super highway isn't all bad eh.

Pete's Quote of the Day
"I seriously do think there is a problem when there is a bigger stink made about breastfeeding and other 'piddly'” things in spite of the greater issue of the debasement and objectification of women, child and spousal abuse, rampant pornography, and the like!"

Preach it brother.