there's an easier way to track new blog posts

I copied this post from Tony Morgan although some of the details have been changed to make it applicable to my blog. So from here on it's really Tony's great writing...

As always, I want to do whatever I can to help you simplify your life. With that in mind, here's a quick overview of how you can enjoy following blogs like this one while investing less of your time.

Here's the reality, several of you are running around the Internet visiting this site and then that site and then that site and so on. I know, because I can see the stats on my end from all the hits I'm getting through browser searches. That process takes time. Lots of your precious time. You deserve to have that time back to golf more.

Right now, I'm tracking about 50 (Brenton) different blogs, but it only takes me a handful of minutes each day. Rather than visiting each of those sites individually, I take advantage of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) to let the fun come to me in one location where I can scan only the new posts and ignore the sites where I know nothing has been updated. You can do this as well. It's really simple.

With that in mind, here's how you can easily subscribe to my blog (Brenton):

1. Sign up for a "newsreader." I use Bloglines (Brenton do I). NewsGator is another good option. Firefox has this built in.

2. Copy the text in red into your newsreader and subscribe to my feed:

Thanks for joining the club. You're now eligible for free refills. Tell all your friends. Don't blog alone!