2006-2007 NHL season begins

Last night the NHL kicked off its exhibition season. Just thinking about hockey gets me all jacked up! Hockey is my favorite sport (with golf running a close second and everything else sorting itself out somewhere in the distance).

There have been some great trades over the summer that should make the league more even and more exciting. I can't wait to watch the growth of last season rookies and the addition of some future stars to the league; not to mention that coaches have had a full year to transition their styles and teams to take advantage of the 2005-06 season's rule changes.

I love the fast-paced, hard hitting, skilled play of the NHL. I love the frantic play of teams trying to get a goal in the last two minutes of close games instead of calling seemingly unending time-outs, players intentionally getting fouled and shooting baskets by themselves, or quarterbacks just kneeling down and letting time run off the clock. I love that the league allows players to police the game themselves through fighting - save your comments I know this is abused sometimes by idiot moves like Todd Bertuzzi pulled a couple years ago. I love the drama of a one-on-one penalty shot and the amazing ability players have to shot the puck into tiny corners of the net.

I know that hockey is not the most popular sport and I'm not ignorant enough to waste time arguing that it is the best sport. But for me it is and that's all that really matters. I love the NHL!

Go Leafs go!