American Idol, self-deception and our depravity

All the news right now in MN is that American Idol try-outs are happening in our most major metropolitan area. Getting around the city is horrible because they have blocked off sections of road to accommodate all the people who want a chance to sing and be heard. People who want a shot at being famous.

The sad thing is that thousands of these people are completely self-deceived when it comes to their own talents. They think (and probably sincerely believe) that they are better than they really are.

It reminds me a lot of us, people in general and Christians specifically, and our ability to deceive ourselves when it comes to our own righteousness. We actually believe that we are decent humans, mostly good, with maybe a few blemishes. The fact however, as the Bible teaches, is that we are depraved in all areas of life. This means that the stain of sin is on all areas of our lives and that without God we are incapable of acting completely pure, righteous, just, merciful, or good.

We would do well to stop deceiving ourselves about our own goodness and to fall before Jesus and ask for his grace, his forgiveness and his assistance. While very few of the people who audition for American Idol will make it on the show, none of us will make it to eternity with God without a relationship with his Son Jesus as our Lord, Savior and Treasure.