excuse me, do you have any crayons?

Yesterday as I was walking to the bathroom (which I do all the time because of the free fountain pop I drink all day) I overheard a woman ask one of my 'cashier kids' for some crayons. We don't have any to give and so the boy simply said, "We don't have any" and then he walked away from the counter and the woman went back to her table. I was so upset about the interchange that I decided to hold it and go talk to my employee.

Here's the deal: the woman needed the crayons to occupy a small child. I want my employees to recognize the totality of the situation and then do whatever they can to meet the customer's need. In this case, the cashier could have offered her a child toy (from our kid's meals) or at least a pen or marker from the back. Unfortunately he did nothing and just walked away. That is not an appropriate or acceptable customer service attitude.

I wondered as I drove home - how often do I go out of the way to make my wife's live better? Or my kids? Or the people who visit my church? Or simply just the people I pass on the street, at the grocery store or in the bank line? I need to be more aware that I am constantly in the customer service business for Jesus and that every interaction I have with another person is a chance to lift his reputation up or to knock it down.

Be on the lookout today for the totality of someone else's situation and then serve them well in the name and spirit of Jesus.