I don't think they like me

Jason at The Study Corner informed me that his copy of one of my posts gathered the attention of a website and blog called the Etransgender.com.

Unfortunately I don't think I would be getting an dinner invites from the etransgender folks. Their short response to my post is not very flattering or friendly. Ironically, they are particularly intolerant of someone (me) who has a view different from theirs (which I find a bit odd - not to mention extremely hypocritical - considering they would most likely implore me to be more accepting of their diverging viewpoints).

However, I do acknowledge the fact that by calling the man/woman a freak I do not represent the kind of attitude that would make that person feel loved and accepted by Jesus Christ. Because I want to become more like Christ, and for that reason, I confess that I made a mistake in my choice of words. I still stand behind the intent of the post though, which is that this person should not be teaching students under the umbrella that their lifestyle choice should be treated as normal and acceptable behavior.