the importance of rest

One of the things I am learning in my new job as a manager is the importance in leadership of getting good rest.

On Sunday we had a very busy lunch hour and I was functioning in the point spot on the food line. This means I was reading a rapidaly changing menu board, adjusting counts for how much food to prepare and getting the cooked food dished up and handed out to customers. Because I was tired from the previous week I made 3 or 4 mental mistakes during the day that I would not normally make. My brain just wasn't clicking like it normally does.

As a leader it is important that you get good rest. When you're in a position of leadership people will be looking to you for answers. They will need you to be sharp in your thinking and to make good decisions. If you don't rest and take care of yourself your thinking will be slower and less focused. Eventually the entire church/organization that you lead will suffer because of your inability to do good physical self-care.