on the homefront

- Over the last couple days I have been forced to refer to my son primarily as 'the puppy.' This means I say, "Does the puppy want to play?" "Puppy, get in your chair." "The puppy is going to have to go to his room if he keeps barking at the table."

- Andrew is getting bigger ever day. His favorite activities include being held, nursing, being held, pooping, and being held. I can think of few better ways to fall asleep than watching the Colts win while my Sonic-like newborn sleeps in a curled ball in my chest.

- Isabelle has been waking up lately by crawling on all fours, putting her head about 3 inches from my face and saying (in the cutest/highest little voice), "Daddy?" Like a scratched record she will continue saying it until I open my eyes and acknowledge her with a kiss. It is so beautiful. I just wish it was at 8 am and not 6:45 am.

- The best way to describe Stephanie's life right now is the word - chaos. Thank you to all who have called, stopped over, brought meals and clothes, and prayed for us. Transitioning from 2 - 3 kids is difficult for anyone, but when your oldest just turned three it seems like the house is a perpetual mess and the noise level never stops increasing.