Pastors should be blogging

Only 10 percent of churches nationwide have links to or have created their own faith blog, according to Ken Gosnell, a Washington-based pastor and lecturer who is writing a book on church blogging. - "Local pastors tentative about blogging" (read the entire article here)
It seems like many pastors don't take blogging very seriously as a form of communication or teaching. I would disagree with that ideology. I think blogs have tremendous potential for the people in and on the fringe of our churches, but we have to lead them into discovering that potential.

In my local community blogging is not the phenomenon that it is in other places but that doesn't mean it is of no value. The fact that almost all of the middle school and high school students use and, should make it essential for youth pastors to have great websites and blogs. And, while on the whole, adults here are not as computer literate or savvy as their kids, we shouldn't write them off. We have to educate our people on what a blog is and why reading ours would be beneficial to them. And then we need to say it and point people there over and over again.