the power of the spoken Word of God

In an age where 'creative communication' is dubbed a spiritual gift despite it not being listed anywhere in the NT, I am sure that many people will disagree with this paragraph (especially the last sentence).

"Since preaching is itself a form of 'mental transport,' any loss of confidence in the word leads to a loss of confidence in preaching. Ultimately, preaching will cease to be Christian preaching if the preacher loses confidence in the authority of the Bible as the Word of God and in the power of the spoken word to communicate the saving and transforming message of the Bible. The preacher must stand up and speak with confidence, declaring the Word of God to a congregation that is bombarded with hundreds of thousands of words each week, many of them delivered with a soundtrack or moving images. The audacious claim of Christian preaching is that the faithful declaration of the Word of God, spoken through the preacher's voice, is even more powerful than anything music or image can deliver."

R. Albert Mohler - Online Commentary Aug. 28