prayer requests

I need a few folks in the blog world to throw up a few prayers for my family right now.

My cousin's wife is in the hospital (and has been for a couple days now) getting some tests done to figure out what caused the multiple mini-strokes she suffered last week. She is young and has a two elementary kids at home. My cousin owns his own mechanical business and they have no health insurance so every day, medicine, and test she has done adds up for them. Please pray for wisdom and revelation for the doctors, a financial miracle for the family, healing for my cousin's wife, and the hope that all of this would draw the family closer to Christ.

Also, my grandmother's doctor told my mom yesterday that my grandma probably doesn't have too many more days left. She has been suffering increasing from dementia over the last 3 years and we are happy that Jesus may be taking her home soon, but it is still a difficult time for my grandpa, mom, uncle and the extended family as they face saying goodbye to someone they have loved so much and for so long. Please pray for an easy passing for my grandma and for the comfort for those she leaves behind.

*Update: My Dad called me today about 2:30 pm and told me that my grandma had died. I don't have many details right now, but thanks for your continued prayers.