questions about authentic Biblical community

I have questions and I would like to get feedback from anyone who reads this blog. Please leave me a comment or email me if you don't want others reading your thoughts. Here's my questions...
  • Should people have to attend the same church to be in a small group together?
  • What are the potential positives and negatives of small groups being made up of people from different churches?
  • What is gained and what is lost by Christians all going to the same Sunday gatherings?
  • Do you have to attend a Sunday gathering each week with people to be known and loved by them?
  • Can we be intimately involved with people and not sit with them each Sunday?
  • Is Sunday morning really a 'group' worship event or is it really an 'individual' event for large groups of individuals (meaning - is there more than an individual benefit to church attendance on Sundays beyond everyone hearing the same message or announcements)
  • How representative are 'same church only' based small groups of the universal church that will be gathering and worshipping at the throne of Christ someday in heaven?
  • Does a small group cease to be missional if all its people are not going to the same church?
Please respond or add a question. Don't just read this post. Interact with it. Use Scripture where ever possible. Thanks.