a quote and some recommended books on preaching

In his book, Pastoral Theology (1877), nineteenth century Princeton Theological Seminary graduate and Presbyterian minister Thomas Murphey wrote,

There is one counsel concerning the work of sermonizing so important and so comprehensive that it should not be omitted in a treatise on the general subject of pastoral theology.

The one advice which we would give to ministers here is, to aim at doing the very best in each sermon. It is easy to get into the habit of slighting work here - of feeling that the present is not a subject of sufficient importance to call forth all one’s strength - to yield to a sense of lassitude and haste for this once - to put off full the exertion of full effort to some other and more important occasion. Against all this we would very earnestly advise. The aim should be to do the very best that is in one’s power on the particular sermon that is now on hand. The strength should not be reserved for another time; the best should be done now…

As a motive to this it should be remembered that peaching is the ministers first and greatest duty. It was not to baptize or to wait upon tables that the Apostle Paul felt himself called, but he felt that a woe was hanging over him if he did not preach the gospel. It is the same with all ministers who have much of Paul’s spirit. They may slight anything, they may slight everything else, but they cannot slight the sermon.

Relevant Reads:

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