The relationship between Terrel Owens, Jesus and You and Me

I read this headline today and it didn't surpise me but I was saddened by it: Police report: Owens hospitalized after suicide attempt

Terrell Owens is one of the most dramatic, talented and out-spoken players in the NFL. The size, speed and skill he brings to the WR position is almost unmatched by anybody else in the league today. His flamboyance and antics make him exciting, surprising and unpredictable; he is not only a remarkable talented athlete but a gifted entertainer as well.

The problem is that T.O. is always trying to gain others approval by making himself look special. He has no inner confidence. It is my belief (which may or may not be confirmed by the headline above) that all his showmanship is an attempt to avoid feeling alone or empty. At the core of who he is -when he is off the field and out of the public eye - deep down at the soul level, T.O. is longing for something that fame and fortune can never provide. He needs Jesus Christ and he needs to come to grips with the person he is in God's eyes rather than in the world's. Until he does that, no contract or football game or anything will bring him the kind of satisfaction that he is seeking.

In many ways T.O. is a lot like me and you. We don't have the platform or the money or the physical skills that he has, but we are all seeking fulfillment in something. And if we want to be whole we have to seek Jesus, nothing else will ever be enough.

*Update: T.O. says he wasn't attemting suicide but that he was having a reaction with his pain meds and the supplements he takes. Maybe...but maybe not.