remembering 9/11

The first time I heard about the events of 9/11 was when I was going to class during my senior year at Bethel. My future wife Stephanie called me while I was driving over and told me some of what was happening. I remember getting to school and trying to locate a TV. Then, when I found out that classes were cancelled, I drove right back to my apartment to watch the coverage. There were all kinds of thoughts running through my head that day - what is going on? Are we safe? Is there going to be war? Is this the end times? Then, over the next few months, life sort of got back to normal.

I would love to hear some of your stories. What were you doing when you first found out?

*Also, do you know of anyone who posted a blog on that day? With all the news stations re-running coverage, I would like to read some of the very first blog posts about the events. Leave me a link in the comments. Thanks.