rick warren emailed me

Since Mark Batterson posted the content of a Rick Warren email on his blog, I sort of feel like Rick wrote to me as well. Rather than me sharing all the details, here's Mark's version of what he said...
Rick shared some encouraging words and a really cool idea that got me thinking. Saddleback has always pushed the technological envelope. But I didn't know that they give all of their new employees an iPod--standard issue. How cool is that? Makes you want to apply for a job doesn't it :) And they do their staff training via podcast!

Granted, most of us don't have hundreds of staff members. But I love the way Saddleback continues to push the envelope despite their size!
In a small church it is always difficult to get volunteer leaders together for meetings. It seems like there is always a conflict or something else that comes up in people's lives. Often these are people who are every important servants and leaders in the church, but they are also very busy with things in other places.

Giving people a CD, or putting together a leadership podcast, is a great way to continue building into and training your key volunteers leaders without asking them to give even more of their time. This way people can download training and listen to it while they work out, or drive, or sit around the house playing with their kids. Heck they could even have it playing while they take a shower.

Plus something like a podcast would be a chance for people on the edge to check out service opportunities and be trained before they are ever even committed. It also makes all your training available to people who come on board later in the game and need to get caught up to speed.