a wedding and a shadow of what is to come

Today I had the privilege of officiating the wedding of a woman I met a year ago. Last summer our teaching team was preaching through a series that focused on the metaphors Jesus used in the Gospels to describe himself. Taking a page out of the Rob Bell playbook, our creative team wanted to bring a sheep on stage for the message 'Jesus the Good Shepherd.' Eventually, after a few phone calls and requests with different people in our town I was connected with a woman who was kind enough to let us borrow her sheep named Jellybean. Then, primarily through blogging and email, that woman and Stephanie and I kept in touch.

The wedding was very unique and very nice. Unique because the ring bearer was a dog named Cheeta and the only song sung during the service was performed by two sisters ages 6 and 7. I preached on Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Everything was coordinated by a wedding planner who did a great job, especially considering all the things she was doing herself (burning the slide show, hand sewing dresses and the isle runner, printing off and assembling the programs, etc.).

It was very fun to be a part of the wedding. It is a privilege that I have as a pastor to speak into people's lives and encourage them with the truth of Scripture as they start a new chapter in their lives. There is always such joy and anticipation and love at weddings. How wonderful that God uses the wedding analogy to describe the relationship between Jesus Christ and the individuals that make up his church! How enjoyable will it be when we all gather with our Heavenly Groom and celebrate our eternity at the wedding feast! Praise to be Jesus Christ!