when parents attack

Most of us have seen the amazing and scary videos where animals attack both people and other animals. These attacks usually occur when animals feel threatened or are provoked by something.

This video appears to be along those same lines. The main difference, however, is that the man in the video is attacking a 13 year old football player. The attack is believed to be a response by the man/assistant coach to a late hit on the his son by the opposing player.

This is a prime example of the idiotic behavior that too many parents of young athletes engage in. As a student athlete myself I can remember numerous examples of parents yelling at officials and umpires (often teenagers themselves), parents cussing and arguing with the parents of kids on other teams, and some parents ripping their own children during and after games. This kind of behavior is extremely childish and inappropriate.

Parents, please let your kids play and have fun. The fact is that you care much more about balls and strikes, fair calls, statistics, and the score than they do - this is especially so until kids are 13 yr. +. Until then all the kid really cares about is wearing a jersey, sitting on the bench by his buddies, and getting a free juice box and some cookies when its all over.