a call for more creativity in worship

I love that Mars Hill Church in Seattle includes some of their homegrown music in their podcast feeds. The Village Church does this as well. It strikes me that some of the fastest growing churches are churches that create their own music (as well as many other forms of art) rather than just trying to sound like Chris Tomlin or David Crowder every Sunday.

One of the things I believe that people want in a church (especially in regard to music) is authenticity and distinctiveness. With that in mind, I think that church plants - and most churches in general - need to put more emphasis on encouraging their worship leaders to discover and consequently lead out of their own unique, God-given musical blueprint. And this has to start with the lead pastor getting out of the way and trusting the worship leader enough to allow him/or her to develop and grow the musical style of the band until it becomes the authentic and distinctive musical style of the church. Otherwise all you get each Sunday are redone songs from Christian radio stations that come across as produced and copied instead of passionate and real.

Of course this doesn't mean we should never sing another song off the Hillsong United or Passion discs, but it does mean that churches should be places where creativity is cultivated and even demanded. We are called to be stewards of our creativity. And just like preachers are expected to write their own messages and then supplement them with the revelatory things God has given to other preachers, worship leaders should be creating their own content and then supplementing as well.