church election yard signs

Yesterday as I was driving to work I saw a small sign stuck in the ground near a stop light that said "Vote Domino's." It was a simple sign with the Domino's pizza logo on it and a box with a check mark in it. It fit the bill of all the other signs along the road, especially during the election season.

That sign got me thinking about church marketing. My idea is that churches should create their own election signs and give them to the people of the congregation to put up in their yards. The signs should include a simple, clean design and the web address for a site designed specifically to help people investgate the church, give feedback about the church, and/or provide information for people looking to take the next step.

Some benefits to this type of campaign include...
1. High volumes of repeated exposure for the church in neighborhoods.
2. Ownership of the church for the people who attend.
3. A reason (and maybe provocation) for people to have conversations with neighbors.
4. It is a relatively inexpensive way for the church to advertise to large amount of people.
5. Preservation. If the sign is in a home owner's yard it is less likely to be removed by someone than if it is just placed on public property.