hitting home runs with sermons on steroids

Check out my latest article (Selling Pumped Up Sermons, Is It Ok?: Hitting Home Runs With Steroid Sermons) at Prodigal Son magazine where I discuss the growing issue of pastors using other minister's materials in their own sermons. Here's a few quotes from the article:

You might think of these pre-maid, mail order messages as sermons on steroids. Any pastor with a credit card can get one and you won’t even need to turn a blind eye and have a trainer rub it on you.

The temptation to placate the masses and turn the pulpit into nothing more than an entertainment platform is strong. It is much easier to purchase ‘sure fire winners’ from other speakers than it is to risk it and to wrestle long and hard in determining what God might want to say specifically through you in your own community context.