i love math and i'm pretty good at it

Math. Who didn't love it growing up? OK, so maybe most kids didn't like it. I actually did. In fact, I only have two bad math memories.

The first was when I was in 8th grade and I was taking an 'accelerated' 9th grade Algebra class. There was this cute girl sitting in front of me. She made me so nervous. Then one day she turned around and said to me, "Stop chomping on your gum, you sound like a cow!" I wished I could have disappeared under my desk.

The other bad math memory I have is when I was in 10th grade. The teacher and I couldn't find a way to get along. We were like oil and water all year long. I don't really remember what the rub was, but it made math pretty un-enjoyable that year (the bright side was that I had a cute girl in this class as well and we got along really well).

Anyway...here's an interesting story about U.S. kids and their decreasing math stills compared to some of our global counterparts.
USA Today: "The more kids like math and say they do well in it, the less likely they are to do well." Al Mohler has the roundup on the discovery that bolstering self-esteem and showing practical relevance in math education isn't helping.

Update: Here is an article by Vern Poythress from 30 years ago on A Biblical View of Mathematics. (Link: JT)