its always something at the A&W (and in leadership)

Since I have been working as the General Manager of an A&W restaurant I have done/had done the following:

- fixed an ice machine that wasn't making ice
- fixed a pop-clogged pipe that stunk like death
- fixed the heating element on a corn cooker
- fixed a heating tray that wasn't heating
- purchased two Koala changing stations (yet to be installed)
- replaced the bolts on one of our outdoor picnic tables
- fixed a pop-clogged check valve in the soda dispenser
- fixed a power switch on our heated holding table
- replaced two broken belts on our hood vents and exhaust systems
- purchased a new toilet handle (yet to be installed)
- replaced multiple lights bulbs

It seems like everyday there are issues to be dealt at my store. So much so that our mantra has become "its always something at the A&W!"

Some days the 'somethings' are minor issues, and other times the challenges are more significant. I haven't even listed any of the issues I face with employees and customers.

I have this growing conviction that our mantra is something that every leader faces no matter what kind of an organization they lead.

The range of 'somethings' that leaders must deal with is huge
: personnel issues, facility issues, equipment issues, financial issues, personal issues, and spiritually issues. But no matter what it is good leaders know that "its always something" and they are ready to deal with whatever that 'something' is.