the necessity of changing stations

Speaking of first impressions...

I am super pumped up about what I just ordered. In about two weeks we will have 2 of these babies in the restaurant. I can't believe a place like this store, which positions itself as a family establishment, has been without them for the last four years.

I remember having to change Jacob one time on a McDonald's table in Wisconsin somewhere because they had no changing stations. They didn't like that very much, but they didn't leave me any alternative either.

Changing stations are a must have for churches. As a parent of 3 kids in diapers (yes you read that correctly - we have 3 kids in diapers and no twins) having a sanitary place to change them is essential. I think this could be particularly challenging for portable churches that meet in schools because most middle and high school bathrooms don't have changing stations already in them like movie theaters.

Churches in these situations need to figure out a way to make changing diapers easy and sanitary. Maybe buying one of these and keeping it on a mobile cart would work.

Anybody else run into this problem?