where are the dudes leading our schools?

As General Manager one of my responsibilities is to drive sales at our restaurant. I am currently trying to put together a campaign where some people from our store (including a large Root Beer Bear mascot) would visit local elementary schools and visit with students. The visit would include free 'Birthday Float' coupons for each student.

One interesting thing...
as I looked up and emailed the 16 elementary schools in close proximity to our store there was a trend that surprised me - of the sixteen schools there were 13 female principals. That really caught me of guard. Thirteen woman and three men. Wow. What's going on here.

Some questions...
1. Is this a new thing?
2. Has the push for equality in recent years made school administrators more likely to promote women?
3. Are there more women in the education system than before?
4. Is this even surprising or am I just naive?
5. I wonder if the lack of male leadership in schools has anything to do with higher reported cases of ADD and other behavioural issues in classrooms?
5. How has the surge of estrogen-empowered leaders (oozing with God-given mothering instinct) changed school discipline, teaching methods and learning expectations?