why people leave church

The Christian Post has published the results of a recent study by LifeWay Research that investigated the reasons why some people stopped attending church. The discoveries include:

  • 59% of those who left the church did so because of “changes in life situation.”
    19% “simply got too busy to attend church.”
    17% said “family/home responsibilities prevented church attendance.”
    — Other reasons explained were moving too far from the church, work situation and divorce or separation.
  • 37% leave because of “disenchantment with pastor/church.”
    17% said church members “seemed hypocritical” and “were judgmental of others.”
    12% said “the church was run by a clique that discouraged involvement.”
  • 80% of the formerly churched do not have a strong belief in God, which the study indicated may account for their higher priorities of work and family over church.
  • 42% said they are “Christian, but not particularly devout.”
  • 24% consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious.”
  • 19% said they are “a devout Christian with a strong belief in God.”
  • 16% of those who left the church said nobody contacted them after they left.
  • 16% said nobody seemed to care that they left.
  • 14% said the church was not helping them develop spiritually.
  • 14% said they stopped believing in organized religion.
  • 10% confessed to wavering on Christianity.
  • 6% said they were wavering on belief in God.
(link: Church Relevance)