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Looking for Digital Camera Information

I want to buy a new digital camera for Christmas this year. My desires are...

1. 6 MP or higher
2. 6x or higher optical zoom
3. Multiple flash options
4. 2" or larger LCD viewing screen
5. The ability to snap pictures quickly

If anyone knows some things about cameras please leave me a comment. I am not looking just for personal opinion, but for consumer report stories and experiential anecdotes. Thanks!

Dear Blogger...

Dear Blogger,

How do you make money giving away this wonderful blog service for free?

ESV Online Reference Tools

I have started to really enjoy using the English Standard Version (ESV) Bible. The ESV website has some very helpful tools (2 of which I have previously previewed for you).

This morning I used the online search feature to look up a couple words in the Biblical text. I found the ESV online tools very preciseand simple to use. The ESV folks have also included an option to compare the ESV text to other translations by linking to Bible Gateway.

Check this site out. It is a great reference tool that anyone can easily use.

Headbands, Arrogance, the NBA

I know this is a blanket statement (there are certainly exceptions to be found, i.e. Dwyane Wade) but in my estimation the NBA is mostly a collection of thugs who think the whole world revolves around them because they can dribble and shot a ball.

Ben Wallace is just the most recent example of an NBA player who thinks that he is more important than anybody else. Can you imagine a hockey player saying something this arrogant?
"If you know the rules and break them, you expect to be punished. I can't try to put myself above the team or anybody else and wear a headband like I did. I'm man enough to take the punishment. But I'm not sorry."
So why did he do it? "I just felt like wearing it," he told the Tribune.

The Power of the Mustard Seed

Every time I eat corn dog nuggets at work I think about the parable Jesus told when he described the Kingdom of God as a small mustard seed which is planted in a field and becomes the largest tree around that all the birds come to nest in.

I like to mix in a little mustard with my ketchup for dipping. The problem is that the taste of the mustard is so powerful. Even if I just put in a dab of it, almost all I taste is mustard.

What an amazing analogy Jesus uses. The small little seed that packs an enormous punch! If I can just be a little Kingdom mustard seed in the midst of the ketchup world around me everyday I can make an impact.

Voyeurism and Exhibitionism in Culture

Great article by Tim Challies on the increasing levels of voyeurism and exhibitionism in culture. Here are a few highlights..This weekend a friend sent an article to myself and to a list of other people. He was outraged at a story that appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press. He is no doubt right to be outraged. Here are some excerpts from the story.Just how far will people go to get their hands on a new PlayStation 3? Just ask KDWB-FM, 101.3's morning show host Dave Ryan, who on Tuesday morning asked folks if they were willing to give up their baby for 24 hours in exchange for one of Sony's highly coveted video game consoles. More than a dozen people called to offer up their kids, but only a few realized it was all just a gag. "We got more calls than we could handle," said Ryan, who referred to the practical joke as a "social experiment." "They were lined up willing to turn their kids over to strangers for a freakin' PlayStation."KDWB morning …

Einstein on Problem Solving

Albert Einstein once said,The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.Special thanks to Mark Howell for the quote.

(HT: Church Relevance)

18 Word of Mouth Boosters for Churches

I have had this post saved on my Bloglines for quite a while and since I am doing some Bloglines cleaning I decided it was time to post it here.
So without further ado here is my list of Word of Mouth boosters for churches. Some of these are taken directly from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association list (link via Brand Autopsy) as they apply in both instances. And some are originals. I whittled the list down from 43 to 18 as I felt some of theirs were redundant or did not apply.1. Identify the Connectors (see Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point) in your church and encourage them to do what is natural.2. If you train your congregation in the ways of evangelism, they become better recruiters. Teach them about servant evangelism, enable them to make friends in the world, make evangelism easy. Bring it back to the way that Christ modeled.3. Make it easy for people to find you (i.e. yellow pages, signage, website, free advertising sources, paid advertising sources).4. Use interesting st…

Unclogging the Heart

A couple nights ago I had a dream; maybe it was more like a vision. I woke up earlier than usual and so I decided I would try to pray a little bit. But soon I fell back asleep.

At some point, I saw myself at the A&W restaurant I manage. In my dream I was trying to unclog a floor drain that had become filled with gunk and garbage. I was using an electric snake to try and pull all the slime out of the way so water could begin to flow freely again.

As I woke up I realized God was speaking to me. I feel like he had given me the vision as a picture of what he was doing in my own heart. I have accumulated a lot of junk in my heart over the years. And now God is in the process of removing the slime build-up so that his love and Spirit can flow freely into my life and then out of me into the lives of others.

Forced Prostitution in Thailand

Last night Stephanie and I watched a horrific documentary about Burmese girls and young women who are being forced into prostitution in Thailand. The stories of the women interviewed made me feel sick and heart broken. Hearing these young girls recount bearing beaten by drunks, used by men (including the rotten police), sold as sex slaves made me so upset.

One lady told how pleased she was that her 6 month old baby was aborted after she took pills to kill it. She was happy because she didn't really consider the baby hers, and besides, her woman pimp had told her she would raise the child until it could serve men like its mother. How tragic!

At first I was very upset with God. Why in his sovereignty would he allow something like this? How could he sit back and watch atrocity like this as some part of a greater plan? But then I thought, "What should my response to this be?" It is easy to just be mad at God and then go on with my own life. To put the responsibility on God tak…
Mark Batterson: Here is my sixth sense: I think God is calling the church out of the church and back into the middle of the marketplace.

Simply Amazing Hockey Move (Robbie Schremp)

Good Blogging Tips

Acts 2 Teaching...Really?

Matt Chandler once, "If you don't preach deep to your people, what are you saving them too?"

Raises a good question. I struggle often with what 'amount' of knowledge Christians really need.

It seems from my vantage point that many people like to sit around and dream about 'Acts 2' community (of which I have been a part) seem to either ignore or forget the fact that the description in Acts of a people 'devoted to the Apostles' teaching' does not mean people were gathered around looking for help with their marriage or parenting skills or hoping to be 'attractive' to those far from God.

They were learning deep truth about Christ from the writing in the Old Testament. I imagine this teaching was very different than the teaching many churches are offering their Acts 2 communities today.

What do you think?

4 Good Leadership Habits

The latest version of Prodigal Son Magazine is online. It includes articles on Christian clothing, how to play paintball, an interview with Switchfoot, and some good information on the youth ministry mission trip organization YouthWorks!.

Oh yeah, it also has my article called 4 Good Leadership Habits.

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

Releasing the Emotional Baggage

Yesterday I made a couple of phone calls that I had been avoiding for too long. The reason I was avoiding them was because the conversations I needed to have with the people involved were difficult. I knew I would have to share some honest feelings and wrestle through some relational issues. This is not fun...especially for dudes.

But now that I did it I feel so much better. Honestly, my spirit is freer because I am not thinking about what needs to get resolved. Plus I believe my relationships are stronger now that emotional barriers have been torn down.

Releasing your emotional baggage in positive ways is something that all successful people find a way to do. Too many people carry negative feelings around with them and they allow those unresolved issues to weigh them down.

What about you? What phone call do you need to make? Who do you need to sit down with over coffee? What emotional baggage is holding you down and preventing you from enjoying your life? Deal with it today. Make the p…

Jim Comes Home to Scranton

Can't wait to watch The Office tonight. We tape it so that I can see it after work. Yes, I know I said 'tape it.' While the rest of the world uses TIVO I still use what!

Anyway, should be interesting to watch Pam interact with the new girl, who obviously digs Jim. And I'm curious, will the guy who calls Jim 'big Tuna' come to Scranton as well? And what is going to become of Michael and Dwight?

So many questions...

7 Leadership Types - Which are You?

We received a nice card from a State Representative today congratulating us on the August 28th birthday of our son Andrew. Included in the card was a description of 7 different leadership types.

1. Visionary - is committed to growth, looks beyond problems to causes, and develops precise solutions for success.
2. Teacher - imparts wisdom, maturity, and skill to others; validates direction; and ensures completeness.
3. Server - sees and meets other's practical needs, frees them to accomplish their goals, ands invests time and energy in their success.
4. Organizer - visualizes final results and directs resources for the completion of goals.
5. Mediator - is deeply loyal and compassionate, analyzing the benefits and problems of a given direction.
6. Idealist - should have impeachable integrity, be open to correction, be willing to identify problems as they arise and speak the truth boldly.
7. Provider - is resourceful, prudent, and thrifty, constantly ensuring the best use of available reso…

8 Ways to Think Like a Genius

Here are a few suggestions from Study Guides and Strategies regarding how to think like a genius...1. Look at problems in many different ways, and find new perspectives that no one else has taken (or no one else has publicized!)Leonardo da Vinci believed that, to gain knowledge about the form of a problem, you begin by learning how to restructure it in many different ways. He felt that the first way he looked at a problem was too biased. Often, the problem itself is reconstructed and becomes a new one.2. Visualize!When Einstein thought through a problem, he always found it necessary to formulate his subject in as many different ways as possible, including using diagrams. He visualized solutions, and believed that words and numbers as such did not play a significant role in his thinking …

Would You Take This Medicine?

Is it just me or could this product been labeled a little differently?

almost getting tricked at the A&W

Last Friday as I was returning from the bank my assistant manager Molly called me. She informed me that there was a woman in the store who claimed to have purchased food from us two weeks ago. Her contention was that we messed up her order and now she was upset because she had not received the coupons we supposedly offered her. After talking with her I asked for her phone number and told her I would try my best to find a record of her order and then I would personally call her.

But both my assistant managers told me not to waste my time since she was lying and trying to get free food. There were a couple problems with her story.

1. She said she ordered a 24 piece meal, but we don't sell anything like that.
2. She told me that a manager offered to mail her coupons. We would never do this.
3. None of the managers remember dealing with this woman.
4. She had no receipt and claimed to have paid in cash - two weeks ago.

So, based on all the aforementioned factors, I decided that I couldn&…

A Night Out

Yesterday Stephanie and I spent some time with our friends Jon and Emily Towey. We have gotten to know and love Jon and Em since we went to Bethel University with them.

A couple highlights from the night included:

- checking out a photography exhibit at Church of the Open Door, which featured compelling black and white images from Open Door's outreach programs in North Minneapolis, MN and Africa
- finding and buying an ESV New Testament for .50 cents at Northwestern Book Store
- eating 1/2 off appetizers and drinking $1 beer at Applebee's
- laughing, debating and enjoying friends we love deeply and who we don't see enough of

*Thanks to my sister and her friend who took on the task of watching our kids.

Congrats to Gary Lamb

I don't really know the guy, and he probably wouldn't recognize my name, but I like reading his blog and getting his take on ministry. His name is Gary Lamb and he pastors a church plant in Canton, GA.

Just wanted to say congrats on the big U of GA win today. I know Gary is in Bulldog heaven right now.

Cool Web Features of the ESV Bible

Everyone has a blog. Even the English Standard Version of the Bible has one.

I am starting to move more towards a regular usage of this version. It is the staple version for John Piper (Why I would like to see the English Standard Version become the most common Bible of the English-speaking church, for preaching, teaching, memorizing, and study...) and a growing number of reformed preachers. As far as I can tell, it is more readable than the NASB and more literal than the NIV.

Some of the people behind the scenes of the ESV Bible have put together some really cool web features that enable people to interact with the text.

One of these features is the integration of a Daily Reading Plan with your Google calendar. If you don't use Google calendar you should (Take a tour of it here).

Secondly, you can Add the ESV to your search bar. I like how it functions in FireFox 2.0, but you can do it in Internet Explorer 7.0 as well.

(HT: Justin Taylor)

70 Tips for Effective Church Websites

More on church websites from an old post at Church
Gospel Communications has created a website for Internet Evangelism Day that offers a comprehensive list of over 70 tips to consider when developing a church website to reach your community. Not every tip will be right for your church, but they do offer some good food for thought. I do not agree with all seventy plus tips, but some of the ones that I would recommend include:2. A good church site must communicate with three very different target groups: (1) the church members, (2) Christians moving to the area who are looking for a new church, and (3) non-Christians in the community.3. If you wish your site to reach non-Christians in the community, make a conscious decision that this is to be an over-riding priority for every aspect of the site.5. Avoid all “churchy” jargon and “Christianese” language throughout the site, especially on the homepage.8. A primary task of the website is to convince non-Christians of these fou…

Bridging the Gap w/ Bridging, Inc.

My mom sent me this link to a pretty neat news article about an organization called Bridging, Inc. Bridging, Inc. is a group that collects both used/unused furniture and other household items to help people who cannot afford to furnish their own homes. Here is an excerpt:
"Last night, did you know that 5,000 little kids slept on their coat on the floor in Minnesota. THAT's not RIGHT! And as long as Bridging is here, we can change that!" Fran Heitzman is nothing if not passionate.

He is the founder of Bridging, Inc. a charity built to furnish the homes of the working poor.

"Over 80 percent of our clients earn less than $15,000 a year," said Bridging Executive Director Ron Osterbauer.

"It's people that don't have the financial resources. They're faced with more month than money to survive," he said.

The two were showing off the third Bridging warehouse to a TV crew while clients were shopping... picking out davenports, beds, silverware and/or …

Everything is an Experiment

Mark Batterson writes:
Everything is an experiment.

That is one of our core values at National Community Church. We aren't afraid of making mistakes at NCC. We're afraid of not making mistakes because it means we aren't stretching ourselves! That experimental approach to ministry not only inspires us to try new things. It gives us the freedom to fail.

The beauty of this approach to ministry is that it gives you leadership latitude. People are resistant to change, but it's tough to argue with an experiment. After all, it's just an experiment. If it doesn't work, we'll stop doing it. And if it does work, we'll continue improving it. Approaching everything as an experiment not only reduces the tension of opposition. It reduces the pressure to succeed. Some experiments fail and that's ok.

Church Communications Pro

Just wanted to say thanks to Cory Miller for linking me up over at the Church Communications Pro site. Cory is managing a pretty neat site with lots of information for pastors and various other people in ministry. exists to help the Christian church use public relations, marketing advertising and communications techniques to accomplish its mission -- as given by Jesus Christ - on the earth.Check out a couple series he's hosted like 'Blogging 101 for Pastors' and 'Building Rocking Church Websites.' Check it out.

Pictoral Blogroll

Pete has a neat twist on his blog roll. He has put up pictures of some of the bloggers whose blogs he enjoys reading. I even made the list. Cool. Thanks Pete!

75 Exceptional Church Websites

Here's an aweome list of 75 well done church websites as picked by I haven't had time to look through them all but I have enjoyed the ones I've seen so far.

Some of the more well known churches on the list are numbers: 19, 25, 34, 39, 42, 50-55, 61, and 63. One church from my home state of MN made the list at #15. All the church websites are listed in alphabetical order.
Below you will find Church Relevance’s favorite church websites. Chosen for design, usability, and innovative ideas, we hope that these websites will also inspire you.Asbury United Methodist (Tulsa, OK)Calvary Chapel (Albuquerque, NM)Calvary Chapel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)Calvary Community Church (Phoenix, AZ)Central Christian Church (Henderson, NV)Central Christian Church (Mesa, AZ)Champion Forest Baptist Church (Houston, TX)Christ’s Church of the Valley (Peoria, AZ)Church on the Move (Tulsa, OK) (Youth Group :: Summer Camp)Covina Vineyard (Laverne, CA)Crossroads Church (Corona, CA)Daybr…

C.J. Mahaney: "The Pastor's Priorities"

Printed this off today at work and I can't wait to read it.
Those who had the privilege of attending the Together for the Gospel Conference, or who listened to the audio recordings (available here in MP3 or CD format), no doubt remember C.J. Mahaney's plenary session which was entitled "Watch Your Life and Doctrine."

He took as his text 1 Timothy 4:16 which reads: "Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching. Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers." He taught that, through God-appointed means, the preservation of a pastor and his congregation is at stake in his obedience to this verse. Faithful, pastoral ministry could not be more important and the implications could not be more important, for they are eternal. I know of a great many pastors who were both challenged and encouraged by this session.

So here is your first glance at the forthcoming title Preaching the Cross. The chapter written by C.J. Mahaney is entit…

Balvin family photos

I have uploaded a bunch of new pics to the Flickr site. Click here to see them.

ban on same-sex marriage

Americans seems to speaking pretty loudly on the issue of same-sex marriage. Of the 8 proposed amendments banning same-sex marriage 7 states (Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin) passed the ban with only Arizona undecided at this point.

a good post to reflect on

Rick Phillips has produced a very important post, explaining what's right and what's wrong with the "Denounce Ted" and the "Just Like Ted" positions that have been shaping up in the evangelical blogosphere.

(HT: Justin Taylor)

Jim Wallis and Greg Boyd

Bethel has the Jim Wallis and Greg Boyd conversation available online. You can click here to access both the video and audio files.

Too bad more people can't watch this before the election ends tonight. I'd love to watch this with a group of people and have a conversation. Anybody interested should leave me a comment.

Jim Wallis and Greg Boyd audio and video link

urgent voting message!

Stephanie and I have both voted. You seriously need to do it.

Just standing in the gym and thinking about all the people who have died in Iraq fighting for the right to vote freely made me extremely aware of how lucky I am. So please vote; even if you think your vote doesn't matter. It does to our soldiers and to the people around the world who risk death for the chance to do what we take so lightly.

Also, Stephanie and I both voted for me as a write-in candidate for the City Council. Please consider doing this as well. I would love to be the first successful blog candidate.

So, please VOTE FOR ME for Monticello City Council.

This blod ad was created by Brenton Balvin. I am him and I approve this post.

critical timing and God' sovereignty

Undoubtedly the timing of Ted Haggard's sin being made public has people debating. Some say it is terrible timing because Colorado is set to vote on a same-sex marriage ban. They may even want to chalk it up to the Devil trying to make America gay.
Others hold to the belief that God is ultimately soverign and that this was his timing, acknowledging that all things are under His strong hand. My bet is that this statement makes many evangenlical Chistians very nervous about God's role in the upcoming elections, bans and proposed amendmements. They may even think, "Why didn't God wait until we could protect the instiution of marriage for him through our voting and elected officials."
Larry Stockstill (a member of the Overseer Board that dismissed Ted Haggard) likewise emphasized God's sovereignty, and dismissed questions of how the scandal could influence Tuesday's election."God chose to reveal Pastor Ted's sin," he said. "In this case, Go…

my two cents of political advice

Today is the big day to vote. I wonder if every voting year is going to continuing getting crazier and crazier. No doubt it is. I heard that $10.6 billion dollars have been spent on ads this year. Wow!
Think about how many starving, dying children that would feed.
Think about how many people could get AIDS awareness and treatment.
Think about how many people that could send through vocational and collegiate programs. That America spent $10.6 billion running negative ads should at least bother those of us who claim to follow Jesus.

When I went and heard Jim Wallis and Greg Boyd talk at Bethel a couple weeks ago I left feeling provoked and encouraged. These men are thinking abut things outside of traditional evangelical boxes and it was refreshing.

One thing Wallis said was, "Be political. Don't be partisan. Be prophetic." That is good advice. As Christ-followers we should engage the politics of our time, but we should do so with a Biblical attitude of love and compassion a…

trouble in Scranton

I'm worried about Thursday night. They are closing down the Scranton branch of Dundler-Miflin. Could this be the end of Jim and Pam? What career path will be open to Michael now? Does Dwight marry Angela and whisk her away to beat farm blissfulness?

If you don't know what I am talking about I feel sorry for you.

big meeting at the A&W

We had an all employee/manager meeting last night in the restaurant. I think it went well. It is hard to really gauge how a 18 yr. old feels but it was a good chance for me to speak to the whole group and to clarify some of my actions, beliefs, feelings, etc. It was also a good opportunity to publicly thank my assistant managers and to unite us as management before the rest of the employees.

I spent some time at the beginning addressing what is forming inside my brain as the mission of our organization. That is this: "More people visiting the store, having a good experience, and wanting to come back." We will be a successful business if we can achieve this mission.

There were a few other major things that I hit on, some of which translate into any work environment. The most important topic was respect. We need to increase the respect quotient around here, which includes respect for each other and respect for the decisions and actions of management.

Another area we keyed in on…

letters by Ted Haggard and his wife

Here is the letter by Ted Haggard, read on Sunday morning to his former congregation. I have so much I could say about these letters. So much I can understand. So many things I hope will come from this. Ted Haggard is not alone. And he is not evil. He is just a depraved public man whose darkness was revealed to many depraved private people who continue to conceal their own struggles. And his wife sounds amazing.
To my New Life Church family:

I am so sorry. I am sorry for the disappointment, the betrayal, and the hurt. I am sorry for the horrible example I have set for you.

I have an overwhelming, all-consuming sadness in my heart for the pain that you and I and my family have experienced over the past few days. I am so sorry for the circumstances that have caused shame and embarrassment to all of you.

I asked that this note be read to you this morning so I could clarify my heart's condition to you. The last four days have been so difficult for me, my family and all of you, and I hav…

Ten Pitfalls and Protections for Christian Leaders and Sexual Sin

I'd recommend reading John Piper's paper--written years ago--on how Christian leaders should avoid sexual sin. Piper lists ten potential pitfalls and proposes ten protections against them:
1. PITFALL: Falling in love with the present world.

PROTECTION: Think long and hard about the deadly poison of world-love and ponder the never-ending delights of the mountain spring of God's approval and fellowship and beauty.

2. PITFALL: Loss of horror at offending the majesty of God's holiness through sin.

PROTECTION: Meditate on the Biblical truth that all our acts are acts toward God and not just toward man, and that God is so holy and pure that he will not countenace the slightest sin, but hates it with omnipotent hatred, and that the holiness of God is the most valuable treasure in the universe and the very deepest of delights to those whose way is pure.

3. PITFALL: A sense of immunity from accountability and authority.

PROTECTION: Submit yourself to a council of Biblically minded,…

Mark Driscoll gives some advice to pastors

In light of all the Ted Haggard talk, Mark Driscoll has a great post filled with wise words and suggestions for pastoral accountability and behavior.

My suspicion is that as our culture becomes more sexually rebellious, things will only get worse. Therefore, as a means of encouragement, I would like to share some practical suggestions for fellow Christian leaders, especially young men...

To read more, click here.

speaking of Rob Bell

Rob Bell and the folks at Mars Hill are going to be hosting a two-day seminar January 22 and 23 called Isn't She Beautiful. It is being marketed as 'a seminar for leaders celebrating the local church.'

The seminar will consist of 4 talks by Rob, two Q&A times with Rob and Mars Hill lead pastor Don Golden and two teaching/discussion break-out session with various Mars Hill leaders. Registration is only $100 by Nov. 20.

If anybody in the blog world is going and wants to buy me a ticket I'd love to sit by you!

spoof on Rob Bell's Nooma videos bothers some folks

Somehow I got sucked into the conversation on the Finding Rhythm blog.

There is a video posted there that is sort of a spoof on some of the Nooma video's Rob Bell has made. It is actually a pretty decent video that should make all Christians take a second to think about their faith and the way we share it with others. It makes some compelling points about the need for people to recognize their utter failure to live how God desires them to live and then it points to our need for Jesus and repentance.

The comments section is full of Rob Bell loving emergents who want to totally rip this guy and his video. I am not a big fan of Way of the Master evangelism, but they talk to more people about God than me. And it seems like God is using them as much as anybody else. You can read the comments and find mine here.

which car?

A man came into my restaurant ten minutes ago and ordered, "2 Fish and 8 Shrimp, with 2 corn and no fries or coleslaw." I asked if he wanted a drink with that and he said with a smirk, "Nope, it's in the trunk." My immediate reply was, "Which car? I'll met you out there."

Sometimes you just have one of those nights....

pray today

Innocent unitl proven guilty is one of the cornerstones of our legal system. Jesus said, "let him who is innocent of all sin throw the first stone." Remember this when you read...
(CNN) -- The president of the National Association of Evangelicals resigned Thursday after denying an accusation by a male prostitute that the pastor paid him for sex over three years.The Rev. Ted Haggard said he is also temporarily stepping aside from the pulpit of his church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, pending an internal investigation by the church.I hope to God this is not true. Please pray that the truth would be made clear, that everyone involved would act with integrity, and that somehow Jesus would come out glorified in all this.

Also, act with compassion towards everyone involved and thank God for his protection and hand over your own life.

(HT: Mark Batterson)

4 Bad Leadership Habits

Take a few minutes today to check out Prodigal Son Magazine.

In it you will find an article I wrote called 4 Bad Leadership Habits. For those of you who are too lazy to click the link and read - here are the 4 habits and a brief excerpt:

1. Indecision
One of the most vital roles of a leader is to make the calls that keep the organization on mission. When indecision sets into a leader’s behavioral pattern everything grinds to a screeching halt. Projects don’t get done. New initiatives don’t get funded. People’s confidence in the leader is eroded. It is like a straight jacket is put on the entire business. And eventually people will stop following or trusting the leader and they will start moving in their own direction.

2. Control
Puppets are fun to play with but I don’t ever want to be one. And the same is true for the people you lead. They don’t want someone sitting high above them in the office pulling all the strings and making them dance. Organizations that are lead by puppeteers will …

happy birthday stranger

It was a boy's 7th birthday tonight so we brought out the Root Beer Bear to celebrate. It is pretty fun wearing the costume. After I danced for the boy I went outside to wave at some cars. There is something very special about making a child smile and laugh. It is a privilege I get often.

halloween night pics

Here's a couple pics from Halloween Night. My family and some friends went to a church for 'A Night in the Light.' It was really fun and a great outreach for people.

what does HT mean?

For the longest time I wondered what HT stood for. I could discern enough to know that it was used for crediting other people and other blogs for information that I posted on my blog. I even started using it on my blog but I figured I should find out exactly what it means. In order to do this is did a simple Google search "what does HT mean" and I found precisiely what I was looking for.
...for the record, HT stands for "Hat Tip", as in "A tip of the hat to Susan for pointing me in the direction of...."
Did anybody else wonder about that?

Now maybe someone will find my blog when they search for "what does HT mean" or "what does HT stand for."