4 Bad Leadership Habits

Take a few minutes today to check out Prodigal Son Magazine.

In it you will find an article I wrote called 4 Bad Leadership Habits. For those of you who are too lazy to click the link and read - here are the 4 habits and a brief excerpt:

1. Indecision
One of the most vital roles of a leader is to make the calls that keep the organization on mission. When indecision sets into a leader’s behavioral pattern everything grinds to a screeching halt. Projects don’t get done. New initiatives don’t get funded. People’s confidence in the leader is eroded. It is like a straight jacket is put on the entire business. And eventually people will stop following or trusting the leader and they will start moving in their own direction.

2. Control
Puppets are fun to play with but I don’t ever want to be one. And the same is true for the people you lead. They don’t want someone sitting high above them in the office pulling all the strings and making them dance. Organizations that are lead by puppeteers will never achieve the long-term success of organizations where employees are free to move with individuality and freedom.

3. Playing Red light/Green light
Red light/Green light leaders leave their employees suffering from a case of whiplash. Just as new initiatives get going and people start to buy-in and work hard on accomplishing the new tasks, red light/green light leaders pull the rug out from under them. This habit is extremely detrimental to company morale and mission accomplishment.

4. Forgetting to Follow Through
Good leaders, however, recognize the importance of communicating and remembering details and making sure things get followed up. It is discouraging to employees when their leaders forget their suggestions and needs. True, it is not always the leader’s fault; sometimes the needs are communicated at bad times and through ineffective means like post-it notes. But in those instances where it is the leader’s responsibility remembrance and follow through are essential.