almost getting tricked at the A&W

Last Friday as I was returning from the bank my assistant manager Molly called me. She informed me that there was a woman in the store who claimed to have purchased food from us two weeks ago. Her contention was that we messed up her order and now she was upset because she had not received the coupons we supposedly offered her. After talking with her I asked for her phone number and told her I would try my best to find a record of her order and then I would personally call her.

But both my assistant managers told me not to waste my time since she was lying and trying to get free food. There were a couple problems with her story.

1. She said she ordered a 24 piece meal, but we don't sell anything like that.
2. She told me that a manager offered to mail her coupons. We would never do this.
3. None of the managers remember dealing with this woman.
4. She had no receipt and claimed to have paid in cash - two weeks ago.

So, based on all the aforementioned factors, I decided that I couldn't refund her anything. Then, when I dialed her number I got an automated message that the number didn't work. She gave me a fake number!

The whole situation really bothered me. I hate being lied to. I wanted to treat this lady with respect and do my best to rectify the situation and she was just playing me. It is hard to fight feelings of cynicism for people after incidents like this. But I will.