big meeting at the A&W

We had an all employee/manager meeting last night in the restaurant. I think it went well. It is hard to really gauge how a 18 yr. old feels but it was a good chance for me to speak to the whole group and to clarify some of my actions, beliefs, feelings, etc. It was also a good opportunity to publicly thank my assistant managers and to unite us as management before the rest of the employees.

I spent some time at the beginning addressing what is forming inside my brain as the mission of our organization. That is this: "More people visiting the store, having a good experience, and wanting to come back." We will be a successful business if we can achieve this mission.

There were a few other major things that I hit on, some of which translate into any work environment. The most important topic was respect. We need to increase the respect quotient around here, which includes respect for each other and respect for the decisions and actions of management.

Another area we keyed in on was customer service. I said that we need to focus on being friendly and informative. This concept translates easily into any area of church or business where you want people to feel welcomed.

I don't think we'll have meetings like this often but I did feel it was important to gather the whole team, apart from the noise and distractions of business hours, and for me to communicate to them. To put it another way - if I could borrow an idea from Mark Batterson - sometimes teams need to change their pace and change their content to see things differently. Hopefully we took a step in the right direction by doing that last night.