Bridging the Gap w/ Bridging, Inc.

My mom sent me this link to a pretty neat news article about an organization called Bridging, Inc. Bridging, Inc. is a group that collects both used/unused furniture and other household items to help people who cannot afford to furnish their own homes. Here is an excerpt:
"Last night, did you know that 5,000 little kids slept on their coat on the floor in Minnesota. THAT's not RIGHT! And as long as Bridging is here, we can change that!" Fran Heitzman is nothing if not passionate.

He is the founder of Bridging, Inc. a charity built to furnish the homes of the working poor.

"Over 80 percent of our clients earn less than $15,000 a year," said Bridging Executive Director Ron Osterbauer.

"It's people that don't have the financial resources. They're faced with more month than money to survive," he said.

The two were showing off the third Bridging warehouse to a TV crew while clients were shopping... picking out davenports, beds, silverware and/or towels. All the furnishings needed to make a house, or an apartment, into a home.

Folks get to shop at Bridging, Inc. one time, and only one time. But everything they need is free. It has been collected and cleaned, if necessary, from homeowners, hotels, and corporations, which, in many cases would have thrown it away.

"We saved 74,000 items from the landfill last year," bragged founder Fran Heitzman.

"This year we'll save 85,000 items, good stuff that should never be thrown away."
I think it is interesting that Bridging, Inc. refers to the people who shop in their warehouses as 'clients.' I think it adds some dignity to them and I like it.

Bridging, Inc. is always looking for volunteers, financial resources and donated items.