Cool Web Features of the ESV Bible

Everyone has a blog. Even the English Standard Version of the Bible has one.

I am starting to move more towards a regular usage of this version. It is the staple version for John Piper (Why I would like to see the English Standard Version become the most common Bible of the English-speaking church, for preaching, teaching, memorizing, and study...) and a growing number of reformed preachers. As far as I can tell, it is more readable than the NASB and more literal than the NIV.

Some of the people behind the scenes of the ESV Bible have put together some really cool web features that enable people to interact with the text.

One of these features is the integration of a Daily Reading Plan with your Google calendar. If you don't use Google calendar you should (Take a tour of it here).

Secondly, you can Add the ESV to your search bar. I like how it functions in FireFox 2.0, but you can do it in Internet Explorer 7.0 as well.

(HT: Justin Taylor)