Forced Prostitution in Thailand

Last night Stephanie and I watched a horrific documentary about Burmese girls and young women who are being forced into prostitution in Thailand. The stories of the women interviewed made me feel sick and heart broken. Hearing these young girls recount bearing beaten by drunks, used by men (including the rotten police), sold as sex slaves made me so upset.

One lady told how pleased she was that her 6 month old baby was aborted after she took pills to kill it. She was happy because she didn't really consider the baby hers, and besides, her woman pimp had told her she would raise the child until it could serve men like its mother. How tragic!

At first I was very upset with God. Why in his sovereignty would he allow something like this? How could he sit back and watch atrocity like this as some part of a greater plan? But then I thought, "What should my response to this be?" It is easy to just be mad at God and then go on with my own life. To put the responsibility on God takes it off my conscience. To blame God and do nothing is convenient for me but it is wrong. So here is what I can do, and how you can join me.

We Need to Realize!

Many men (including Christians) think pornography is no big deal. They think they can just look once. They think what they view on the internet doesn't hurt anyone. But I want to plead with you to consider something else.

One look, in many instances, leads to another and another. Along with this comes diminishing returns on the pleasure, so more and more sexual stimulation is needed. This leads to dirtier and dirtier images being viewed. Next comes more substantial experiences and more distorted and sinful thoughts. Eventually the sexual sin addict becomes so perverted that animals and children get involved. Sometimes violence is included.

This ultimately leads to little girls (along with women young and old alike) becoming nothing more than objects used for men's pleasure. They are stripped off all their God given dignity and worth. Women become property to be sold and used and later discarded.

What I/You Can Do!

Next time you are tempted to view pornography or think about a woman sexually, please remember that you are contributing to the worldwide slavery, prostitution, and desecration of young girls and women.
  • Think about the wonder and beauty of your daughter, wife, niece, or grandchild.
  • Think about the girls in Thailand (and worldwide) who are forced to 'service' hundreds if not thousands of men each year.
  • Think about the pain and abuse and fear and hurt they endure daily.
  • Think about the thousands of girls being kidnapped from their homes, robbed of their childhoods, and exploited around the globe.
Then make a decision to stop feeding the sexual sin beast. Choose purity as your first step of contribution to the rescuing and saving of woman from sexual sin. This is a very serious issue and we all need to help change the tide.

What We Can Do!
  1. Please pray everyday for these girls.
  2. Next, if you read my blog and have a blog yourself, please link this post. Join me in spreading the word about the plight of young women and help start a movement to convict and motivate people towards purity. Little girls you will never know could be saved from a life of hell.
  3. If you don't have a blog, please email the url of this post to everyone you know and ask them to read it and consider who they could pass the word on to.
Thank you.