my two cents of political advice

Today is the big day to vote. I wonder if every voting year is going to continuing getting crazier and crazier. No doubt it is. I heard that $10.6 billion dollars have been spent on ads this year. Wow!
  • Think about how many starving, dying children that would feed.
  • Think about how many people could get AIDS awareness and treatment.
  • Think about how many people that could send through vocational and collegiate programs.
That America spent $10.6 billion running negative ads should at least bother those of us who claim to follow Jesus.

When I went and heard Jim Wallis and Greg Boyd talk at Bethel a couple weeks ago I left feeling provoked and encouraged. These men are thinking abut things outside of traditional evangelical boxes and it was refreshing.

One thing Wallis said was, "Be political. Don't be partisan. Be prophetic." That is good advice. As Christ-followers we should engage the politics of our time, but we should do so with a Biblical attitude of love and compassion and we need to speak out against sin in mind of the totality of God's heart, not just the one or two issues our generations 'religious' leaders have selected as major problems.

Wallis also used a good analogy to challenge the idea that 'Christians should always vote against abortion' (or any other single issue) as if that was the source of God's greatest wrath - although it may be, I don't know, last I checked God hated all sin equally. Anyway, Wallis said that we can try and keep rescuing people who roll down the mountain but eventually we need to figure out why they keep falling. It is an interesting perspective. I think another Christian leader compares this to the difference between mercy and justice. Rescuing people falling down the mountain (having abortions) is kindness, but figuring out why they keep falling (poverty, lack of fathers, no education, religious fundamentalism without love and compassion) is justice. And we need political leaders who will do both. See Micah 6:8.

But mainly we need the church to be the church. Legislating morality will never work.

Greg Boyd made a plea for the church to lead the way for politics.
  • The church should be showing the country how to take of its widows and orphans and foster kids.
  • The church should be guiding government in how to teach kids moral values and raise them to be good citizens.
  • The church should be helping people get jobs, get off drugs and rebuild their lives.
  • The church should be leading the way by sending aid, medicine, food and assistance to the broken people of the world.
God has chosen his church to lead the way. To love all people. Even the sickest, most vile ones. That what Jesus did. And that's what we are supposed to do. We don't pull out of schools or politics or our cities. We engage them with radical self-sacrificial love. We die for them. And by doing so we bring change to them. So vote. That's great. But get involved with a church, love some people in your neighborhood and change your schools from the inside out. That's even better.