Releasing the Emotional Baggage

Yesterday I made a couple of phone calls that I had been avoiding for too long. The reason I was avoiding them was because the conversations I needed to have with the people involved were difficult. I knew I would have to share some honest feelings and wrestle through some relational issues. This is not fun...especially for dudes.

But now that I did it I feel so much better. Honestly, my spirit is freer because I am not thinking about what needs to get resolved. Plus I believe my relationships are stronger now that emotional barriers have been torn down.

Releasing your emotional baggage in positive ways is something that all successful people find a way to do. Too many people carry negative feelings around with them and they allow those unresolved issues to weigh them down.

What about you? What phone call do you need to make? Who do you need to sit down with over coffee? What emotional baggage is holding you down and preventing you from enjoying your life? Deal with it today. Make the phone call. Talk with the person. Your life will be better.

I promise.

*Update: I had a conversation with a co-worker tonight that has freed me up even more. I had a confrontation of sorts with this person last Saturday and the effects of that interchange had been hanging around in my head all week. Tonight I decided to deal with it. To begin with, I apologized for my immaturity. Then I explained what the motivation was behind my actions. After the conversation I had a wonderful evening working with this person. You have to try this!