Unclogging the Heart

A couple nights ago I had a dream; maybe it was more like a vision. I woke up earlier than usual and so I decided I would try to pray a little bit. But soon I fell back asleep.

At some point, I saw myself at the A&W restaurant I manage. In my dream I was trying to unclog a floor drain that had become filled with gunk and garbage. I was using an electric snake to try and pull all the slime out of the way so water could begin to flow freely again.

As I woke up I realized God was speaking to me. I feel like he had given me the vision as a picture of what he was doing in my own heart. I have accumulated a lot of junk in my heart over the years. And now God is in the process of removing the slime build-up so that his love and Spirit can flow freely into my life and then out of me into the lives of others.