critical timing and God' sovereignty

Undoubtedly the timing of Ted Haggard's sin being made public has people debating. Some say it is terrible timing because Colorado is set to vote on a same-sex marriage ban. They may even want to chalk it up to the Devil trying to make America gay.

Others hold to the belief that God is ultimately soverign and that this was his timing, acknowledging that all things are under His strong hand. My bet is that this statement makes many evangenlical Chistians very nervous about God's role in the upcoming elections, bans and proposed amendmements. They may even think, "Why didn't God wait until we could protect the instiution of marriage for him through our voting and elected officials."

Larry Stockstill (a member of the Overseer Board that dismissed Ted Haggard) likewise emphasized God's sovereignty, and dismissed questions of how the scandal could influence Tuesday's election.

"God chose to reveal Pastor Ted's sin," he said. "In this case, God chose at this particular moment to allow this sin to be exposed. Now we can be mad at God. We can say that's not fair. The timing is terrible. Or we can say Blessed be the name of the Lord. One of the things I've learned about God is that he is wiser than me. ... What's going to happen in the nation? You know what? I don't think that's your concern or mine. God is a holy God and he chose this incredibly important timing for this sin to be revealed, and I actually think it's a good thing. I believe America needs a shaking, spiritually."