Benefits of a Community Center Membership

Our family recently got a three month membership to the local community center. What a smart move! Stephanie and the kids have been there almost everyday since. Plus, when I am home from work Stephanie goes over by herself and works out on the weights and machines there.

Tonight after dinner we all headed over to play in the community center pool. They have a nice area for kids that included a tire swing and a small water slide. They even have a family hot tub that I can sit in with the kids. Jacob loves the pool and Isabelle is getting more and more brave.

Another benefit of the community center membership is the Romp'n'Stomp play area. It is a nice place for Stephanie to bring the kids during the long days when I am working. They can expend some pent up winter energy in a safe environment. And since they are not a McDonald's there is no temptation to buy junky food while the play.

Hopefully, repeated trips to the community center will present us the opportunity to get to know some people in our community. I am a big proponent of building relationships with non-Christians by regularly visiting the same places. Stephanie is especially good at this.