Birthday Reflections

Tomorrow is my birthday. 27 years old. Crazy. (For those of you with the gift of giving, feel free to check out my Amazon Wishlist in the side column) Each year seems to go bye more quickly than the last. Before I know it my birthday balloons will read ‘Over the Hill.’

I used to hate thinking about getting older. I looked at the lives of men and women whom I admire, and I compared myself to their accomplishments at similar ages in life thinking, “I have to do something. I have to succeed soon. My time is running out to leave my mark.”

Thankfully, God is breaking me free from the strangulation of comparison. It is not easy but it is happening. I am becoming more and more satisfied with who I am and what God is allowing me to accomplish on his timetable and for his notoriety rather than my own.

As my wife Stephanie wrote earlier today, the last year of our lives has been dominated by change. 365 days ago when I turned twenty six I had a feeling that 2006 was going to be a great year, but I had no idea how God was going to bring that ‘greatness’ about.

Looking back now I can truly say that I am grateful for all that I have had to face and walk through. And even though my journey is far from over, I have hope that ‘he who began a good work in me’ is going to ‘carry it on to completion in Christ Jesus.’

The blessings that Jesus has bestowed on my family this year are too numerous to count. A few of the things on a long list would include my beautiful healthy son Andrew, a new KIA mini-van, trips to Hawaii/Colorado Springs/New York City and the deepening of some great friendships.

I am sure that Stephanie and I will never forget all the events of 2006. And although some of those things brought us great pain, I am extremely grateful for God’s grace and his Hand holding us and leading us along the whole time.